If your contents need editing into special formats once they’re translated, don’t stop at just a good translation.

Ensure its presentation as well.

Servicios Complementarios
Servicios Complementarios
Servicios Complementarios

Every language has particularities that need to be taken into account.

  • • Translated texts expand or contract, depending on the source and target languages.
  • • Words in some languages are difficult to separate because of the amount of consonants they use.
  • • There are languages that are read from right to left, and others from the top down, in addition to the different alphabets used.

What do you gain by adding a complementary service to your project?

Certainty, peace of mind and time, as well as a good brand image.

  • In desktop publishing, the translator will revise the final layout of the document in order to make sure the text is correctly placed and the lines are well separated.
  • In subtitling, , the translator will check that it reads smoothly and is adjusted to the image.

What complementary services can you request?

If you need documents translated into a format ready for publication, add desktop publishing. You just need to send the file in the editing format you use, such as InDesign.

If you have an audio or video file, request a transcription and indicate the final format desired such as audio file, subtitling or text format.

If you need a combination other than these, contact me to find the best option.

You can request complementary services with any of the BASIC, STANDARD or PREMIUM plans.