There is a solution that lets you save every time you need a new translation.

If you produce a lot of documentation for your customers,
if you update your documents, such as user manuals for healthcare products, product technical files, vademecums, marketing or other material, or
if you feel you shouldn’t pay for text that’s already been translated,

with the PREMIUM plan, you’ll start saving on translations, but that’s not all—your brand will be much more consistent.

With the PREMIUM plan:

  • • You won’t pay for sentences that have already been translated, and you’ll pay very little for those that are similar, no matter how much time has passed since the last translation,
  • • you can rest at ease knowing that no detail will be left out, the message will be interpreted correctly and all words in your speciality will be correctly used.

What does the PREMIUM plan include?

  • Creation and maintenance of a database with all of the translations carried out by language and project in order to apply discounts every time you request a translation.
  • Translation and revision carried out by a native translator with over 3 years of experience.
  • Proofreading carried out by a second native translator with over 3 years of experience.
  • Selection of an ideal translator and proofreader according to your speciality. The selected team in charge of your translations will always be the same.

How much does the PREMIUM plan cost?

The price of the PREMIUM plan is higher than that of the other plans and depends on the languages to be translated, but it’s worth it: there are customers who now only pay 10% of the words for new translations.


Documents that have already been translated can be used in order to help you save even more. See the Welcome Pack in order to find out what this consists of and how we take advantage of previous translations.


Why do I need the PREMIUM plan if I can just copy and paste the new text?

For many reasons. I believe the most important thing is your time. It’s not worth your time to have the new sentences translated, and then paste them into a language you probably don’t know, when you can have the whole document translated without being charged for what’s already been translated.
You will save on time and possible mistakes.

You will also avoid duplication costs. Imagine you didn’t know that someone at your company had already had a document translated, with text that could be taken advantage of. The analysis checks if that’s the case. More than once, I have been sent documents to translate that had already been translated some time ago. With the analysis, we’ll know if that’s the case.

If I order the PREMIUM plan, can I switch to the BASIC or STANDARD plan when I need to?

Of course. The plans have been created so that you can choose the one that best adjusts to the type of translation you need at any moment.

Can you deliver the translation in a different format from the original?

Yes, no problem. See Complementary Services to check the possible delivery formats for your translation.

How can I know which plan best adjusts to our needs?

If you’re not sure of which plan to choose, download the comparison chart or the guide to find out which plan you need. Save the file and consult it every time you need a translation. Or contact me so that I can help you.

How can I request a quote?

To request a quote, fill out the form or send an email indicating:

  • • language of the original document
  • • language or languages into which you need
  • • number of words in the document
  • • document format
  • • if you need a Complementary Service

The best thing to do is a file analysis. If you can’t send the file, leave me a comment so I can get in touch with you and find a solution.