Do you have a biological medicine company that needs translations?
If you had to choose,
would you prefer professionals in your field to translate your files?

Let me help you.

I am Maria del Mar Bruguera and founded HOLOS translations for biological medicine so that companies like yours would have a person committed to your speciality to make their translations.

I studied translation and specialized in conference interpretation. I have been working in the field full-time for 25 years.

My first job as interpreter was at a course on isopathy, and my second was at a bioresonance course.

That’s where it all started. Not just professionally, but personally; I am a firm believer in any option that favours and reinforces the body’s own natural mechanisms of defence and healing.

I worked in different sectors and companies around the world for years, until I decided that I only wanted to work in biological medicine and I founded HOLOS translations for biological medicine.

Maria del Mar Bruguera

I help companies like yours give the best impression possible in languages other than their own.

A translation isn’t just changing some words for others in another language, rather

  • • the words you specifically use,
  • • the message you’re communicating and
  • • most importantly: a translation is an investment.

I have also come up with translation plans so that everyone can access new markets, whatever the budget, timing or project may be.

I always offer the option that best adapts to your needs, then it’s up to you to decide.
I don’t sell words, I look for solutions. I analyse each project in order to tell you if you need the BASIC, STANDARD or PREMIUM plan.
I manage your translation projects and any complementary services you may need, such as desktop publishing or subtitling. And I do so while consulting any questions that arise.