You’ve invested a lot in your products and brand: don’t let a poor translation cast doubt on that.

If your documents are very specialized and you can’t waste time proof-reading them, or you don’t have anyone who can, or

if you want to be sure that your translations have been carried out by true experts in your speciality, following all of the necessary steps to guarantee the quality of the translation.

With the STANDARD and STANDARD PLUS plans, you’ll be sure that:

  • • no detail is left out, the message is interpreted correctly and all speciality words in your field are correctly used,
  • • the style used is that of the message you wish to transmit,
  • • you don’t have to worry about the translations; you can dedicate your time to running your company
  • • a poor translation doesn’t take value away from your products.

What’s the difference between the STANDARD and the STANDARD PLUS plans?

The difference is that with the STANDARD PLUS plan you can save even more if the document has similar or repeated sentences. In order to find out, we analyse the document that needs translating. Depending on the results of the analysis, which will be send to you along with the offer, I will recommend the plan that helps save you the most.

What does this plan include?

  • Translation and revision carried out by a native translator with over 3 years of experience.
  • Proofreading carried out by a second native translator with over 3 years of experience.
  • Selection of an ideal translator and proofreader according to your speciality. The selected team in charge of your translations will always be the same.
  • If necessary, consult about incorporating preferred words specific to your speciality.
  • Additional discounts for similar or repeated sentences with the STANDARD PLUS plan.

How much do the STANDARD and STANDARD PLUS plans cost?

The price of this plan is higher than that of the BASIC plan, and it depends on the languages that need translating and the amount of similar or repeated sentences in the document.


Documents that have already been translated can be used in order to help you save even more. See the Welcome Pack in order to find out what this consists of and how we take advantage of previous translations.


Is proofreading necessary for translations?

Yes, of course. Proofreading a translation is a quality guarantee. Just like we assume that a mechanic checks the brakes of a car after changing them.

If I order the STANDARD plan, can I switch to the BASIC plan or PREMIUM plan when I need to?

Of course. The plans have been created so that you can choose the one that best adjusts to the type of translation you need at any moment.

Can you deliver the translation in a different format from the original?

Yes, no problem. See Complementary Services to check the possible delivery formats for your translation.

How can I know which plan best adjusts to our needs?

If you’re not sure of which plan to choose, download the comparison chart or the guide to find out which plan you need. Save the file and consult it every time you need a translation. Or contact me so that I can help you.

How can I request a quote with no commitment?

To request a quote, fill out the form or send an email indicating:

  • • language of the original document
  • • language or languages into which you need
  • • number of words in the document
  • • document format
  • • if you need a Complementary Service

In order to carry out an analysis and see if you can benefit from discounts with the STANDARD PLUS plan, I need to see the file. If you can’t send the file, leave me a comment so I can get in touch with you and find a solution.